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Saving Science Education: Parents and Communicators to the Rescue!

kirk-englehardtThis is a guest post by Kirk Englehardt, Director of Research Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also a father to two boys whose fascination with science is increasing every day.

It was a cool January night and my two boys were ready for bed, when I said I had a surprise for them. They were going to see Jupiter that night, and they seemed genuinely excited. We grabbed our binoculars and ran outside. I watched as they stood in the driveway staring at the little white dot just to the left of the full moon. It took only ten minutes, but that night they realized science was more than just something you read about in books; it was real and it is everywhere.

Watching Jupiter from the front yard. Image credit: Kirk Englehardt

Children have an endless supply of questions about the world around them, and science helps provide them with answers. I remember the teachers who inspired my love of science. While there are still many superb science teachers inspiring young people, their job is becoming more difficult. Now more than ever, parents and science communicators need to play a role in inspiring the doctors, scientists and engineers of the future.

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