Special Speaking to… Dr Phil Marshall (part 2)

Dr Phil Marshall

This feature podcast is part of a series of interviews with science communicators about science communication. Today we are Speaking to… Dr Phil Marshall 

A few weeks ago I spoke to Phil about Space Warps, a new citizen science project that is on the look of out citizen scientists to help classify images that may or may not contain a gravitational lens.

This time, we’ll be hearing the second part of that interview, which delved a little deeper into his other science communication adventures, including blogging, open days, the USA and a hypothetical journalist.

Open day whiteboard!

During the podcast he spoke about the white board on his door: this is what it looked like after the open day!

You can find out what is happening in the Space Warps project on Twitter at @spacewarps and you can follow Phil on Twitter at @drphilmarshall