Speakers of Science is here!

Speaking-of-Science-logo-RSSLast year, Speaking of Science put out a call to scientists and science communicators to see if anyone would be interested in blogging for Speakers of Science.

Thank goodness that there was interest – and this week we launched! Speakers of Science is here!

speakers of science is an extension of Speaking of Science. I’ve learned so much from all the interviews I’ve done, but the most frequent tip: Just get out and do it! is something I wanted to harness. So, the aim of Speakers of Science is to become a community of bloggers that can get together and learn from each other, share ideas and create some great science communication content. They are getting out there and doing it.

Science communication is so much more than just communication. You have to think about how you best communicate: am I a writer, an artist or someone who can play with sounds to get a concept across? The other thing to think about is: what is the best format of communication for what you are trying to tell? Some stories work best when written down, others are much better in pictures or video.

This is another aspect of Speakers of Science: it is a place for experimentation, a place where the writers can find their voice that fits with their science.

I’d like to thanks everyone that sent in applications – it was a tough choice. We’re only starting small, so I couldn’t pick everyone I’m afraid.

The first community members are: Lauren Tedaldi, Rowena Fletcher-Wood, The Musings Podcast (Andy Roast, Chris Clarke and Dave Lawrence), Jovian Tsang, Alexis Webb and Clare Fieseler.

I hope over time that the community will grow. So if you have ideas for a blog that you would like to pursue, then get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.