Speaking to… Courtney Williams

"It's such a wide field that a huge range of people can find their niche and bring something unique."This is part of a series of interviews with science communicators about science communication. Today we are Speaking to… Courtney WilliamsName?Courtney WilliamsWhere are you … Continue reading

Speaking to… Sarah Weldon

It’s quite ironic, that technology and things like the World Wide Web mean that we have more access than ever to the world, yet we have also become disconnected to the planet. We take it for granted.Name: Sarah Weldon, CEO of UK Charity Oceans ProjectBased: live in the Lake District, … Continue reading

Speaking to… Eimear O’Carroll

"When you're dealing with an investor who has no technical background, you still have to be able to explain your product so that they fully understand what they're getting themselves into, whilst conveying the sense that you also know the technical details yourself. Which can be a fine line and a … Continue reading

Speaking to… James Randerson

"If you're going to set up a blog, there is a time commitment to that, to make a go of it you need to give it some energy, thought and time... So you need to think through before you do it, what are you trying to achieve through it?"This is part of a series of interviews with science … Continue reading