Speaking to… Brian Wecht about The Story Collider

“True stories about how science has affected peoples lives.”

Brian-Wecht-Science-CommunicationThis feature podcast is part of a series of interviews with science communicators about science communication. Today we are Speaking to… Brian Wecht

Stories. Wonderful Stories.

We’ve had a few different science communication interviews on Speaking of Science about science, science stories, and science and stories.

This podcast is going to add to that – this is an interview with Brian Wecht, one half of the founding team of The Story Collider, a live show and podcast that brings stories and science together.

In this podcast we talk about what The Story Collider is, how it started, and how it appears that the British scientists are more reluctant to talk about their emotions when it comes to science…

This Thursday (24th of October 2013), The Story Collider is hosting it’s third UK show in London.

You can get tickets (FREE) from here.

And I would love to recommend their podcast, which you can download and subscribe to via iTunes.