Speaking of Science

Where are you based?

Online and on-air!

Who do you work for?

Speaking of Science doesn’t work for anyone in particular, it’s for every one.

What type of science communication do you do?

The aim of Speaking of Science is to explore science communication itself, rather than do any science communication.

Who is your main audience?

The audience is intended to be anyone interested in science communication, whether they are pros already, or looking to see if it’s something they would like to dabble in.

How did you get into it?

Speaking of Science was set up to answer the simple question: what is science communication? It is such a broad field now, that this is more of an umbrella term than anything else. So, the best way to answer this question is to go out and ask the people that do “science communication”.

Why do you do it?

Because it is interesting to hear what people have done! Also, I hope this series of interviews will one day act as a valuable resource for people who would like to know more about certain methods of science communication.

Why do you think science communication is important?

This is a tricky question to answer: but for Speaking of Science, it’s the idea of allowing every one the space and time to try and explain a concept.

What do you love about science communication?

The variety – science isn’t for everyone, and neither is any one way of communicating it. So, it’s the different techniques and approaches that people use that are important, and exciting!

What has been your favourite project?

Finding great people to interview on Speaking of Science – it’s always interesting to hear different stories and experiences that people have had, and how they are shaping the opinions they have on science communication.

Do you have any new science communication projects coming up?

Yes – Speaking of Science is getting ready to launch a blogging network: Speakers of Science! It’s going to be an experimental space for early career scientists to see what they can do with science communication and their research.

Any tips for those wanting to get into science communication?

Read the Speaking of Science interviews! There are so many different people interviewed on this site – one of them will be doing something that you think WOW, that’s so cool.

Otherwise: just dive straight in. It’s the only way.


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